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Sam Harris: Journey to Atheism Sparked by 9/11

This is how Sam Harris took a larger interest in religion. I have always had an interest in but mine was sparked from growing up in a rural area surrounded but some of the most contradictory and exclusive religious people I’ve ever met. Snake handlers whose leader died from a snake bite that still practice the religion? That’s scary. And dumb. So I quote myself again in saying that we are all born atheist and we’re taught to be everything else – including agnosticism as it is fairly dogmatic. Atheism to me the lack of belief; never having accepted religion or supernatural belief; never succumbing to the false sense of comfort that religion can provide to those who seek such a weak and easy answer to life, and comfort to confront death. I will assert that the path to atheism is a one way direction.

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Teaching Creationism is child abuse.

I think this is a very good point and a video that is making its way through the atheist anti-theist circles. Lawrence Krauss has started to gain some spotlight with his viewpoints and has been on the scene for a while now. If you don’t know him, here’s a chance to experience one of the most powerful arguments against teaching creationism I’ve heard.

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Resources for the Atheist.

Last year I gave donations to Richard Dawkins’ Foundation for Reason and Science and have paid to be a member of American Atheists plus I did donate to the least religiously intrusive politicians last year. Why? Because such things are important and maintaining a voice for reason until all humanity lives in freedom from religion or of – I don’t want to deny people the right to have their beliefs, just not to impose them upon others or try to establish law and social policy. I also wish them to shut the hell up (pun!) and keep their beliefs at home and out of influential avenues. So I contribute where I think people are making a difference and I also support authors who write great books that have proven motivational in our efforts to highlight and destroy the vile and inhuman parts of life – mainly religious atrocities.

Now don’t marginalize my efforts nor generalize them. I’m against all forms of abuse and oppression. I’m for equal rights for both sexes and all variations thereof. I’m for being able to marry whomever you wish and that no one be able to tell you otherwise based on any reason. It just so happens that religion is where the most harm in this area originates.

I’ve taken an interest in bringing this blog back to life and plan to further provide resources and insight for people to continue their exploration of having a lack of belief and for people to find the strength to come out as being doubtful – to express their inner atheist.

Again, I contend that “We are all born atheists and taught to be everything else” – Brent

I would like to use my full name but I work for a company with a lot of social attention and don’t want death threats from the crazier religious who threaten everyone else who dares point out atrocity and harm from religion.

So here are a few links to some of my favorite free-thinker / atheist / anti-theist sites.

American Atheists

The Thinking Atheist

Sam Harris

Christopher Hitchens – Daily Hitchens

Common Sense Atheism

Richard Dawkins – Foundation for Reason And Science

There really are a lot of great sites but I won’t inundate you with all that I enjoy right now and save that for later. There’s a lot to digest that I’m putting out there and I hope that if you’re on my side, you already know them or are about to enjoy them. If you have doubt in your superstitious beliefs that you take the time to explore the opposition. I have read many religious scriptures and bibles and it only helped enforce my stance in atheism.

Say No To God.

Why I identify as an atheist not agnostic.

Atheism to me is the lack of belief in the supernatural – gods. Atheists are often times considered people who believe there’s just no way a god could exist and while I tend to accept that notion due to the current level of science, I won’t adopt it or take it as part of my lack of belief. So to me and why I call myself an atheist is because of my own quote that “We are all born atheists and taught to be everything else.” Atheism is the lack of religious / superstitious beliefs. Plain and simple. What do you call someone who doesn’t juggle? Do we need to have a ‘non-juggler’ title? I think the amount of things that I’m not would lend to a very lengthy list that would continue to grow as new hobbies, talents, and things are created. I’m an atheist, because I was born that way and I rejected religion from as far back as I can remember.

An agnostic isn’t certain so they tend to lend a bit of credibility to the argument for a god. In the same sense, an agnostic will take the stance that you can never know but you can also never know if Mother Goose was real or if Thor was real either. I think you lock yourself in a position, or paint yourself into a corner where you just can’t be certain of anything that isn’t evidenced in reality. An agnostic is also accepting an established belief structure where an atheist either never had one to begin with, or rejected the notion at some point in life. Sure, some atheists are dogmatic and they’re annoying and tend to lessen the efforts some of us make to differentiate the definitions.

So it’s okay I think to say that you’re sure that there couldn’t be a god, or at least as described in all religions, but that again goes back to the notion that to a primitive organism, any advanced being or technology would seem magical or godlike. How do you define god? How about ‘higher power’ as I hear that all too often but it’s a cliche and unoriginal and accepting an established belief – it’s dogmatic to accept where atheism is just the lack thereof.

I don’t know who to attribute this quote to but it’s one that I think sums up Atheism: “If atheism is a religion then not collecting stamps is a hobby.” I’ve heard it was Penn Gillette, but I don’t know for certain.

We are all born unto atheism and taught to be everything else. Spread that and just refer the quote to this blog.

Say No To God.

I can only have morality with god?

The street preachers are getting worse around here. I was downtown last week to get my hair cut and while leaving the place heard one with a megaphone attacking atheists. Well, that was the line that I couldn’t let them cross. So I walked over to the guy as he’s preaching and yelling that atheists have no morals and we can only get them from god, the bible, and Jesus. PS – I will never capitalize god because I don’t recognize it as a name or something worthy; Jesus is a name so I will lend respect to that. On to my story: I asked this fellow how is it that I’m lived over 40 years as an atheist and I’m not a criminal; I’m kind to animals (love animals); I’m generous; I give to charity; I help people who need it; I go out of my way to help people to be precise. I’m not a bad person. So I asked him that and he had no answer. He asked me where I got my knowledge, hoping to lure me into a circular argument while claiming that’s what I was saying.

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We are all born atheist.

Think about it. You’re born an atheist and taught to be everything else. There’s no path from being an atheist to a believer but many accounts of being a believer and moving back to atheism. So many people do not understand what atheism actually is. I’ve heard people proclaim that atheism is a religion and it completely flabbergasts me how people don’t even understand the definition of religion let alone the lack of it – the state in which we are born.

Say not to god.

Christopher Hitchens RIP

Christopher was an eloquent humanitarian spending his final years combating the hatred and vile nature of religion. Here’s a nice video that reflects that.

Another good video.

Farewell to Faith

I want to share a video that embodies why I made this page. I’m sorry I haven’t updated it in a while as I’ve been extremely busy with many projects and just haven’t had the time to commit to the project. But, I’m back and I plan to kick up the pace. It’s time to help people come out with their doubts and disbelief of the supernatural and mythological. I present to you a video from a site I just started enjoying: The Thinking Atheist. I present to you ‘Farewell to Faith’.

I really enjoy this site because it embraces my ideas of helping people come out, but also to highlight the absolutely ridiculous and primitive claims of Christianity and all religions.

Say No To God.

The Thinking Atheist

Why yes, under the constitution, a Muslim could be elected President…

I’ve seen so much fear being stirred up over Muslims in America, but we’ve got to face the facts: A Muslim could be elected President legally.

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