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Atheist blogger turns to Catholicism?

I saw this story and had to read and I call BS. You don’t go this route, you go forward, not backwards. I contend that if you suddenly realize that you do have belief in the supernatural and Catholicism is where you land, then you were never an atheist and you’re disingenious at least. Secondly, I read all the top atheist blogs and I’ve never heard of you until now – sounds like CNN baked a story to lure some Fox News fools.

Link to video on CNN.

Leah Libresco, I call you out.

Maybe you can just accept that you were agnostic and still on the fence and finally decided which side you wanted to be on? It’s a backwards walk to move from a position of logic and reasoning to blindfolded fear and faith in the inexplicable. You don’t make that move unless maybe you get hit in the head or suffer a brain injury.

I’m going to say this and it’s not meant to be insulting but it is my belief and well, that’s why I’m here: You’re full of it. You most likely always were undecided and then used the term atheist incorrectly and that you were never an atheist. I’ve seen this avenue before and it’s usually dishonest as the person makes the proclaimed move to religious belief from non-religious belief doesn’t suddenly forget how to think.

What’s funny is that an old adage states that the best atheists are ex-Catholics and I would agree due to the largely ridiculous ideals Catholics have to overlook to maintain a notion of common sense. To move from an atheist who is someone that is tolerant and accepting of other people (except those who push scams like religion) to a religion known for hatred and discrimination against gays, women, and pretty much everyone who isn’t a devout Catholic to including their own kind for not having faith strong enough. Who was the English king who burnt people alive for having bibles that weren’t in Latin?

Leah Libresco, you made the choice to join a group who has single-handedly help spread AIDS in the developing world and many other diseases due to their stance on contraception.

It’s just about the same as saying I’m going from the NAACP to the KKK.

You are a dishonest person – just admit you never lacked faith in a god but that you hadn’t found what particular form of scam you wanted to choose as your guiding and hateful path in life.

Say No To God.


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